Hands-on review: Open-source MinnowBoard Turbot SBC is fast, powerful,…

Electronic Products is a publication geared toward the design engineer, and specializes on reporting on new technologies and components. This is an introduction to their evaluation of the MinnowBoard Turbot quad-core board, a single board computer (SBC) for embedded development.  This article discusses the experience from opening the box to getting started, and provides an interesting perspective on how the MinnowBoard Foundation can continue to improve the value of the single-board computer to design engineers and the like.

Quad-core x86 MinnowBoard and UP Squared SBCs begin shipping

LinuxGizmos.com is dedicated to bringing you timely news and analysis on the hardware, software, protocols, and standards used in embedded, mobile, and Internet of Things devices that are built around open source OSes such as Linux and its derivatives (e.g. Android, Tizen, OpenWRT, Brillo, etc.). In this article, they covered the announcement of the MinnowBoard Turbot quad-core single-board computer (SBC).