Getting to market is the whole point. You will see this message repeatedly from the Foundation, since enabling the path to productization is one of our core principles. More simply said, prototyping is great, but getting your product to market is better.

Our goal is to help you get there. We’ve provided a list of considerations for you as you put together your plans to take your product to market. We’ve also included a list of partners who provide services to help you do so and have experience with the MinnowBoard designs.



Going from Prototype to Production

I have fully prototyped and proven my product design. What options do I have for next steps?

You have one of two options: 1) Use MinnowBoard As-Is: Build the final product with the current board you’re using to do your development and prototyping, and work with the product partners listed below to place volume orders (see the next question regarding other considerations for this option); OR 2) Optimize the MinnowBoard Design: Use the open hardware designs to create an optimized MinnowBoard derivative that best suits the needs of your final product.

Can I directly integrate a MinnowBoard development board into my product?

MinnowBoard Turbot boards have passed regulatory and safety testing that make it easier for you to pass your own product certification tests. Just to be clear, as the final product integrator, you are responsible for complying with regulatory and other laws/requirements for your creation. Nonetheless, compliant ingredients make it easier for your assembled product. Depending on volume, you may see substantial direct order pricing advantages from the vendors listed below (volume discounts vary by vendor).

What are considerations for design engineering or PCB modifications?

There are a few things to consider if you’re interested in making modifications to the board design to fit your product needs: 1) Depopulate MinnowBoard Design: You can simply build as-is with depopulated components. In which case, an electrical engineering and layout whiz can get the CAD from GitHub and modify PCB design. 2) Design a Derivative of MinnowBoard: You can engage a design engineer to assess and complete custom PCB layout. After that, talk to the brand manufacturer or one of our Design Engineering Partners in your geography (listed below) to get estimates on the cost of designing a MinnowBoard derivative that fits your product’s needs.   

MinnowBoard PARTNERS

Manufacturing, Electrical Design, and Engineering

Name Geo Contact PCB Customization Firmware Ind. Design Drivers Linux Windows Android
ADI Engineering,
a division of Silicom Ltd.

North America


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If you are a reputable partner (engineering, design, manufacturing, etc.) and are interested in inclusion on this list, we welcome you! Submit your interest to and we will follow up.